Free Portfolio Webflow Template

Solveig is a minimal & modern FREE Webflow & Framer Template perfectly suited for freelancers, designers, agencies or your personal portfolio.
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Sølveig - Free Webflow Template

Solveig is a minimal & modern FREE Portfolio Webflow Template perfectly suited for freelancers, designers, agencies or your personal portfolio.

Free Webflow Template

Sølveig - Portfolio Webflow Template - Features

Premium Design

Sølveig Design Studio Webflow Template was designed following the latest design trends of the web. It has a modern, premium and sleek design style that will boost your agency brand and impress your future clients.

Optimized for Speed

Sølveig Grid Webflow Template has been designed with page speed as a priority. It is optimized for fast loading and, when used with the speed of Webflow, will provide a delightful experience for your customers. All pages within the template have been optimized for lightning-fast loading times.

Fully Responsive

Sølveig Design Webflow Template has been meticulously optimized for a pixel-perfect, mobile responsive design. No matter what device your users are on - desktop, tablet, or mobile - your website will always look and function flawlessly.

Advanced Animations

Sølveig Creative Agency Webflow Template utilizes modern and advanced animations, ensuring an impressive browsing experience for your users as they navigate through your website.

Fully Customizable

Sølveig Creative Webflow Template was designed to be easy to edit in Webflow, following best practices like the Client First System from Finsweet. This means that the template includes a custom Uikit with different global components, global colors, global fonts, reusable classes, and more, allowing you to easily customize the template to match your desired design style or agency brand guidelines without needing to learn a new class system.

Webflow CMS

Sølveig Branding Webflow Template was created using Webflow CMS, allowing you to easily edit various elements of the website, including blog posts, podcast items, authors, and more, using the user-friendly Webflow Editor. This makes it simple to keep your website up-to-date and optimized for search engines.

Webflow Ecommerce

Design with Sølveig Digital Agency Webflow Template unique e-commerce experiences and build a business around custom products, digital goods, or services with this Webflow Ecommerce ready template. Create a new revenue stream and strengthen your brand, all without coding. Shape your customer's journey from start to finish.

Always Up-to-Date

Sølveig Advertising Webflow Template was built with the latest features and capabilities of Webflow and will be regularly updated to include new features that are released in the future.

Portfolio Webflow Template

Sølveig - Agency Webflow Template - Pages

  • Home
  • Contact
  • Projects
  • Project Single (CMS)
  • 404
  • Password
  • Styleguide
Agency Webflow Template

Sølveig - Freelancer Webflow Template - Free Figma File

Sølveig Minimal Design Webflow Template comes with a Figma file.

The Figma file comes with following features:

  • Predefined Text Styles
  • Predefined Color Styles
  • UIkit with common components
  • Reusable components
  • Clean layer naming
  • Fully customizable
  • Personal & commercial license

Sølveig - Minimal Design Webflow Theme - Support

If you find any bug or have any problem with Sølveig Modern Design Webflow Template, please reach out to webflow@gola.io. We are happy to help you.

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As part of your purchase, you will receive the fully editable Figma file of this template. Simply send us an email with your order confirmation and the file will be delivered to your inbox.
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Webflow CMS

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Client First System

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Figma File

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Asked Questions

Is there a Figma Design of the Webflow Template?

As part of your purchase, you will receive the fully editable Figma file of the template you purchased. Simply send us an email with your order confirmation and the file will be delivered to your inbox.

Can I use the assets in the Webflow template?

Yes, all images, videos, font and other assets are free for personal and commercial use. You can find all information in the license page.

Do you offer custom Webflow Design or Webflow Development?

I don't offer template customization. I only do project based work. So if you need a custom Website Design including Webflow Development, feel free to get in touch with me, so we can see if I can help you.

Can I use the Webflow Template for multiple projects?

No, you need to buy a new license to use the Webflow Template in multiple projects.

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